Big Steps

Big Steps

TestimonialFew things in life are as rewarding (or stressful) as planning a wedding and buying your first home. With so much going on in our lives, my fiance, Jennie, and I knew we needed to find an agent we could trust. That’s when a friend referred us to Debi at Banker’s Preferred Mortgage. Despite being over an hour and a half away from our preferred neighborhood in Santa Clarita, she seemed eager to help us. Within days she made the trek north and together we began hunting for our very first home.

That’s when we learned just how tricky the entire home buying process can be. Our first few offers fell short or were too late. Finally we made a successful offer on a short sale home, but without warning, the bank put the home into foreclosure. Despite the setback, Debi helped us put in yet another offer on the home when it went back on the market. With the wedding now just weeks away, we got the great news that this second offer too, was accepted.

That’s when Jennie and I really got to see how lucky we were to have Debi fighting for us. She was tenacious in getting the selling agent to clean up the house for lending standards. She was relentless in making sure the lender had everything done in time. And no matter how many hurdles came up, Debi helped us clear them. Despite the distance, she was always there to help us understand the process and kept the pressure up to ensure all parties did their part to get the deal done. Just days before our wedding she finally got us the keys to our dream house. Thanks to Debi going above and beyond, Jennie and I were able to enjoy our wedding and begin our lives together in our dream home!

Ryan Sanders

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